Strategic Finance Advisory Services

Strategic Finance Advisory Services

Capital Consulting

Raising Capital

Based on your needs and specific situation, we can:

  • Help you assess the ideal type of capital to pursue (e.g., debt, equity, or a hybrid)
  • Help guide you in how to pursue raising said capital
  • We may also be able to connect you with the appropriate sources of capital

Optimal Capital Structure Analysis

Many business owners pride themselves on not being leveraged. However, in some instances, debt can be a healthy tool to help you grow/run your business and also increase the enterprise value of your business. Alternatively, some business owners are uncomfortable with their current level of debt. There is always a trade-off between debt and equity financing. Finding the right balance of debt and equity, that is supported by your business (and the future plans of your business), takes analysis, discipline, and monitoring on a regular basis. It’s impacted based on your business strategy, health of your business, as well as factors outside of your control (e.g., interest rates, industry outlook, etc.).

Strategy Consulting

Foley Business Advisory can assist you with your:

  • Growth Strategy
  • Divestiture Strategy
  • Value Creation Strategy
    • For example, are there ways to increase sales, decrease costs, or decrease the risk of your entity?  All of these items increase the enterprise value of your organization.

Scenario Analysis

We are equipped to select and run models and perform scenario analysis to help in your strategic decision making. In doing so, we can lay out the pros and cons of alternative scenarios. We also set up each analysis where the impact of changing key assumptions can be easily evaluated.

Business Exit Planning

It’s never too early to plan for your exit from your business.
  • Are you organized and ready for the next step?
  • Are you in a position to maximize your take-home proceeds when the exit time arrives?
  • Have you thought about:
    • Who a likely potential buyer would be?
    • How the decisions you’re making today impact your exit (e.g., taking advantage of certain tax benefits today can sometimes have an unintended negative impact upon sale of your business)?
    • If you would sell your business via an asset sale or a stock sale?
    • Your tax strategy?
    • What type of items a likely buyer would need/expect to see when valuing your business in order to make an offer?
Foley Business Advisory can help you work through the above items to help minimize surprises and prepare for the best possible outcome when it comes time for you to exit your business.

Transaction Preparation & Execution

Whether you are embarking on an IPO, pursuing a significant growth strategy for your organization (e.g., an acquisition), or planning for a divestiture, Foley Business Advisory can help you plan for (and work through) key considerations during these types of pivotal business events.

Other Transaction Services

Foley Business Advisory can help in many additional aspects of transactions. The following are some examples:

  • Due diligence
  • Quality of earnings
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Day one accounting – opening balance sheet
  • Day two & beyond – ongoing accounting
  • Integration