Operational Finance Advisory Services

Operational Finance Advisory Services

Treasury Function Support

Foley Business Advisory can help support the treasury function for your organization. For example, we can assist you with:

  • Enhancing your cash management processes
  • Effectively managing your working capital
  • Analyzing your liquidity health
  • Understanding market risk (e.g., interest rates)

ROI Analysis

Foley Business Advisory can help you think through if a potential business expenditure/investment makes sense. For example, does the expected return on a business investment/expenditure (i.e., the Return on Investment “ROI”) exceed your company’s required rate of return?


Foley Business Advisory can assist you in building projections and cash flow forecasting. We can work with your team to forecast your company’s profit and loss, operating performance, and cash flows for future periods. These activities can be done for the company as a whole, for a specific subsidiary, or for specific company initiatives and projects.


Budgets can pertain to a particular project, department, or for an entire organization. Whatever your budgeting needs are, Foley Business Advisory can help you establish a budget that is right for you.

We can also help you track progress against budgets. In doing so we can create “flash reports” (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly) of where “actuals” stand compared to forecast or budget, so management can have visibility into areas in which they are succeeding and areas requiring additional focus.

KPI Identification & Tracking

The best decisions are made when having access to the best data.

Does your company have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place to track how different aspects of your business are doing in order to help business leaders make informed decisions?

Foley Business Advisory can help you not only establish KPIs that are important to your business but also help you establish a mechanism for tracking these metrics. Having the proper KPIs in place can provide insights that can drive positive change (and increase enterprise value) for your business.

Cost Reduction Services

Are you hoping to identify and eliminate unnecessary spending?

Identifying and improving inefficient operations reduces costs which increases the value of your business. Foley Business Advisory can help you do this by obtaining an understanding of your operations (including the finance function of your business) to help identify opportunities for cost improvement.