Business Funding Solutions

Business Funding Solutions

Foley Business Advisory is happy to help you think through your capital needs.

Third Party Funding

Borrower or Investee

Depending on your capital needs, we can help you think through the process for obtaining financing whether it be in the form of debt (e.g., a loan with the bank), equity, or both. Once a path has been decided, we can also assist you in the application and diligence process that the lender/investor would likely require.

Lender or Investor

Foley Business Advisory is not a licensed broker-dealer and will not provide any services that would lend itself to acting as one. However, for those interested in potentially being capital sources for needs of small businesses, knowing what you’re interested in can help us provide meaningful introductions as opportunities arise.

Foley Business Advisory Funding

Foley Business Advisory is not a licensed lender but is open to exploring opportunities to directly support small businesses in need of financing.  This could come in the form of a private loan, an equity investment, or other structure that will depend on facts and circumstances.