Finance and Accounting Advisory Services

Finance and Accounting Advisory Services

Foley Business Advisory supports all aspects of the finance function of your business.

An effective finance function is integral in making strategic decisions regarding the sources and uses of business funds. This includes overseeing the funds coming into the business (e.g., from business sales or other financing or investing activities) as well as funds leaving the business (e.g., for business expenditures or debt pay down). Funds need to be effectively managed for many reasons from supporting the day-to day operations to helping maximize cash flow and, ultimately, the value of your business.

Proper accounting is a key element to the finance function of your organization. If you can’t rely on your financial records, it can be challenging to make informed business decisions that aim to maximize the enterprise value of your business.

When advising clients on topics tied to the finance function, Foley Business Advisory directly supports the needs of business owners, chief financial officers (CFOs), and controllers.

Typical activities that reside in the finance function of a business are: