Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services

Financial Reporting Services

External Reporting (e.g., SEC filings, debt covenant reporting, investor/lender reporting, etc.)
  • Financial statement preparation [including footnotes and management discussion & analysis (“MD&A”)]
  • Peer company disclosure benchmarking
Internal Reporting
  • Management & Board reporting packages
Analytics & Industry Benchmarking

Technical Accounting Services

Technical Accounting Matters such as:

  • New accounting standards (e.g., ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, ASC 842, Leases, etc.)
  • Share-based compensation
  • Goodwill/Intangible impairment
  • Earnings per share
  • Variable interest entities
  • Regulation S-X (e.g., assessing “significance” of acquisitions, Rule 3-05 financial statements, pro forma financial statements)
  • Regulation S-K (nonfinancial information such as MD&A)
  • Transaction accounting (e.g., business combination, common control assessments, purchase price accounting)
  • Footnote disclosures

Process Documentation

Foley Business Advisory has extensive experience with processes and controls. We are equipped to assist your business identify and establish key processes and controls. Assistance includes formally documenting the processes/controls as well as refining and enhancing processes/controls previously established to help maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Department Design Assessments

Has your Finance/Accounting Department experienced turnover and are critical items not being completed timely, or left undone entirely?

Has your organization recently grown but your Finance/Accounting Department isn’t keeping up?

Foley Business Advisory can assist you in assessing your ideal future-state Finance/Accounting Department based on your respective challenges, budget, and other factors.

System Assessments & Implementation Assistance

Does your accounting system seem inefficient or outdated?

Do you wish your accounting system could yield additional, more meaningful, reports and data?

Foley Business Advisory can assist you in assessing the current challenges/shortfalls with your accounting software. We can:

  • Gain an understanding of what you’d like to see differently.
  • Shop different software vendors to help you find a future-state solution that is the best for you.
    • We can help you assess the data requirements needed for a potential software conversion and what requirements already exist in your current system vs. which requirements will need to be created.
  • If a new system is selected, we can work with IT specialists and assist in the configuration and system implementation of a new accounting engine to help ensure that your future-system will yield your desired results.

Day-To-Day Accounting Support

In limited instances, Foley Business Advisory can provide bookkeeping services. At a minimum, Foley Business Advisory can make introductions to our vast network of contacts at CPA firms, contractor agencies, recruiting firms, and various other outsourcing options that can assist you with your day-to-day accounting. Foley Business Advisory may also be able to assist in some of the accounting oversight of the work performed by these other entities.

Tax & Other Professional Liaison Support

Although Foley Business Advisory understands many tax implications at a high-level, we are not tax experts. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help on various tax matters. Foley Business Advisory has a vast network of contacts at CPA firms that specialize in complicated tax matters. We can serve as a liaison to help get you to the right answer/solution based on your facts and circumstances.

Similarly, Foley Business Advisory can also assist you in discussing finance/accounting matters with legal and other business professionals.